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An accomplished and award-winning multimedia artist and musician, Nedra Russ is a vessel of creative energy steeped in tradition. With subjects ranging from Italian vineyards to Janis Joplin and other contemporary musicians, to 3D paintings capturing the spiritual essence of nature’s warriors, dragonflies, wolves, and bumblebees, her work details the visual and auditory legacy of the human experience. Nedra’s paintings and songs can be seen and heard across the United States and as far as Europe, Asia, and Australia 

Studied Art at Bavard College, Cocoa Florida, Sacramento City College Sacramento Ca. 

Studied under Alice Frederick Fran McKenny and Lou Edwards. Owned and operated Nedra’s Fine art gallery in Amador City, CA, 

Safeway Art Director, overseeing regional projects, #1 display artist, winning every prize and honor to be had, upon leaving Safeway, earned a degree in graphic communication electronic publishing. 

Nedra Russ’s The Harmonica LadyTM line of jewelry features miniature, fully- playable harmonicas. Her designs earned her the distinction of being the very first HOHNER USA Juke Joint Representative accepted on the basis of artistic representation

of the instrument. Since its founding in Germany in 1857, HOHNER has been crafting high-quality harmonicas and other musical instruments, including accordions, guitars, and mandolins, to name a few. 

Following an intensive course of study, Nedra is now certified by the renowned Berklee School of Music as a Modern Musician Specialist with emphasis on Songwriting, Musicianship and Music Production.

The Harmonica lady had a great time at SPAH 2017 sold lots of things made lots of new friends hooked up with lots of old friends just living on Tulsa time 

Made the main stage Michael Rubins Variety Show 

New Items for the 2018 shows and festivals New Rack New to my booth the rocket Harmonicas For show dates and time see events   

Nedra Russ

While in Tulsa at SPAH we made the news News 6 Tulsa Ok

20th Earth day

 —  —

Utica Park, 1075 Utica Ln, , Angels Camp, California 95222

I will be vending and be performing at this event hope to see you for the day filled with fun

Because living in harmony with the Earth is a year-round commitment "What does it mean to be green?" strives to put together ideas and action items to further that end. categories

Joe Filisko Teach In.

  Hell-o Joe 


#1: When and how did you get involved with SPAH


My first  SPAH was Detroit 1990.  I believe that the first year I volunteered was Memphis 1994 and have tried to be as involved as I could in every successive year.

#2: When was your first teach in?

I honestly don't remember.  Probably about 12 years ago or so.  It really was something that evolved.

#3: What is your favorite thing about SPAH?

Easy one.  The broad variety of people and astonishing array of talent shared almost always with…

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Part 1 Manfred Wewers Convention Seminar Coordinator


#1: I got to meet you last year when I took your seminar and learned that you know allot about the history of the harmonica.

      I would say you are a great historian of the instrument, I enjoyed your talk very much. 

      How did you first become interested in the Harmonica


My father Josef played the harmonica, his brothers did and so did my maternal grandfather.  When family got together, there was always music. I cannot remember not having or playing a harmonica. This was in the early…

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This years entertainer of the year Brendan Powers

 Each year there are Awards at SPAH they are the grand finally of the event and given out at the Closing dinner and show, for me it is very emotional as it is the end so lots of crying, hugging, and packing up to go back to life as we know it!
Last year Brendan Powers won entertainer of the year. I wonder who will win this year?

From Brendans site

In 1995 a new dance show called Riverdance broke all records at the Point Theatre in Dublin. Along with the flamboyance of Michael Flatly and the massed troupes…

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Tom Stryker Meet the President

 Hi Tom, thanks you for the time here at Nedra's Blog.    






1: Tom when and how did you start playing harmonic?


My three cousins and I received a  280 Chromatic for Christmas when I was 15 living in San Francisco.  Fortunately, former Borah Minevitch Ray Tankersley lived nearby and we engaged him to teach us.  He moved shortly thereafter.   I moved to San Jose in 1963 and came across Ray again in 1965 at Foothill College in Los Altos, California, where he was a music teacher.  Ray would not…

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  Here is a video I made
 Heart of gold.   
       Link to my Youtube page              YouTube                                                                                                                                                        

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